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Why area rugs are a big deal

Many people simply overlook area rugs when it comes to their home’s flooring. While this isn’t a big problem in most cases, it could be that you are passing over one of the most protective features available for many floor coverings. In some cases, these beauties can even be responsible for longer life spans for the flooring that they cover.

Area rugs for hard surface flooring

Protection is a key element in hard surface flooring, especially for hardwood floors. The original appearance of hard surface flooring can be maintained longer simply by making use of area rugs in specific places to provide protection.

One great use for these rugs is underneath heavy furniture that isn’t often moved. Over the course of time, that furniture can cause indentations in your floors and area rugs can help prevent this type of damage.

Area rugs for carpeted homes

It might seem redundant to use area rugs in a home that is carpeted, but let us explain why it isn’t. To start with, these rugs will take on a lot of the everyday wear and tear that your carpet would otherwise be receiving. The rugs can help prevent crushing of the fibers, stains, and they can catch spills, dirt and debris that would have landed on your carpet in their absence.

Rugs, placed in just the right spaces, can also serve as a design element or accent. If your flooring seems to be lacking something, an area rug could be just the thing to complete the room.

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